Roads in Qatar

Qatar boasts an advanced and state-of-the-art road network, with modern highways and usually either dual or three-lane carriageways. There are a number of routes that run out of Doha to other parts of the country, and several of these have been recently upgraded, or are in the process of being upgraded, into wide multi-lane highways.
Within Doha there are five circular access roads that curve around the city center, which are known as the A, B, C, D and E Ring Roads. These are intersected by straight roads heading towards the suburbs. While road quality is good, traffic congestion, particularly at peak hours, is a serious problem, and there are often disruptions due to construction work and development.
Directional road signs and street names are written in both English and Arabic, and speed is measured in kilometres per hour. Speed limits within city areas generally range from 60 Kph to 100 Kph, and the limit is well indicated by signs. On out-of-town roads the limit is 120 Kph.
  • For an explanation of the meanings of different road signs: Click here
There is no dominant major national breakdown service as there is in some other countries. Some insurance policies will include breakdown cover, and several independent towing companies are in operation in Doha and beyond. These include:
Be aware that towing another vehicle on the road using a rope is illegal.


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