Qatar Traffic Offences

Traffic offences carry penalty points of varying length, and accumulating 14 points in a 12-month period results in a licence suspension. There is usually a three months’ ban for a first disqualification, with any subsequent disqualifications likely to result in longer bans and a lowering of the driver’s future points threshold. Road rage incidents, in particular making offensive hand gestures, can result in stiff penalties. More serious offences, such as drink driving or causing a bad accident, are likely to invoke criminal proceedings, with the risk of a prison sentence and deportation.

Jumping the red light attracts the maximum fine of QR6,000 and seven demerit points. Not listening to the police and stopping your car attracts similar fine and points’ addition. Talking on the phone while driving is QR300, for watching TV QR500, and driving in opposite direction (in direction not allowed by the traffic law) attracts a fine of QR6,000 plus six demerit points.

Jumping a road divider and taking a U-turn attracts a fine of QR6,000 and three demerit points. A motorist not giving way to a police car or ambulance is to be slapped a fine of QR500.

Overtaking from the right side and not using the seat belt are both punishable with a fine of QR500 each, and making a child (under-10 years of age) sit on the front seat while the car is in motion is an offence too, carrying a fine of QR500.

  • For more information on points and traffic violations from the Ministry of Interior: Click here


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