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Now Qatar Residents can change their employer within 90 days of QID expiry

 Residents can change employer within 90 days of QID expiry According to a new ministerial decision published in the Official Gazette on September 20, residents can change their employer even within 90 days from the date of the expiry of their residence permit. The new decision was published in the Official Gazette, as posted by the Ministry of Justice on its Twitter account yesterday. يمكنكم الآن مطالعة العدد 15 من الجريدة الرسمية لسنة 2020 من خلال تحميله من الموقع عبر الرابط التالي: #العدل_قطر — وزارة العدل - قطر (@mojgovqa) September 20, 2020     The Minister of Interior Decision no. 51 of 2020 amends some provisions of executive regulations of Law no. 21 of 2015 regulating the entry, exit, and residence of expatriates.  As per the new decision, article 1 states the replacement of the texts of articles 65 and 67 of the executive regulations of Law no. 21 of the year 2015. As per the amended article No. 65, the change of the ex

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What is Web Hosting ? Explained

What is web Hosting ? Hosting is a home of your website, if you own a website you need somewhere to host it, that’s exactly what web hosting is, now there are different types of web hosting services, there are shared hosting, reseller hosting, virtual hosting, private servers or VPS and dedicated servers,  Shared hosting is the most popular and most affordable type foe web hosting,  Hosting is basically the computer and network infrastructure that keeps your websites available across the internet it also provides other key services like email for you, so how did it all work?  Well it all starts with a server which is basically a powerful computer which is stored in a highly secured purpose-built multi-million pound facility called the data centre, the data centre provides the network and powered connectivity with the temperature control backup systems fire suppression and high levels of physical security system, security is also important at the server level, so the servers are actu

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