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Indian Expats Will Not Lose Their Jobs Due to Blockade, Says Qatar Foreign Minister

Since Qatar has been struggling with an economic and political blockade led by Saudi-Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and egypt. It had triggered a sense of uncertainty in the expat community over possible job losses. But Qatari foreign minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani has assured India on his recent visit that jobs will not be politicised.   he said "expats will not be affected by the blockade," adding that no one will be "substituting expat employees". There are over 6 lakh Indians in Qatar with a majority from the state of Kerala. In the wake of the differences within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in June, India had said in a statement that, the "government is closely monitoring the situation and is also in regular contact with the regional countries. Their authorities have assured us continued support for welfare and well-being of the resident Indian communities." External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj had called the blockade &quo

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